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Our colours

The visual appearance of a product is usually the first sensory characteristic we notice. Hence the colour of a food product has an enormous influence on which food we like or dislike and is therefore primarily intended to make a product tastier, more attractive and recognizable for consumers – proverbially: you eat with your eyes.

This makes colour to be a very important tool in the food and beverage industry. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of the most important colouring shades. Discover our world of colours and find your product!

Annatto liquid

Product number: FS610003

Radish liquid

Product number: FS620004

Carmine liquid

Product number: FS610005

Purple Sweet Potato liquid

Product number: FS620005

Paprika liquid

Product number: FS620003

Beta Carotene liquid

Product number: FS620002

Curcumin liquid

Product number: FS610008

Lutein liquid

Product number: FS610005

Yellow Carrot Powder

Product number: FS620001


Product number: FS610006

Green Powder

Product number: FS610007


Product number: FS620007

Carbon Black Powder

Product number: FS610002

Spirulina Powder

Product number: FS620006

Black Carrot Powder

Product number: FS620008