Special flours

Natural with functional properties

Our special flours

Natural with functional properties

Originally by-products of oil production, our specialty flours are now sustainably produced "superfoods". Due to their valuable ingredients of proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals, they meet today's needs for a high-protein, gluten-free or vegan diet.

Due to their positive technological properties for binding liquids, as a natural thickening agent or as a support for emulsifying ability, their use means that additives requiring declaration can be dispensed with.

Pea protein


Product numbers: FS100325; FS201325 (organic)

Apricot kernel flour deoiled organic

ApriSol Flour Organic

Product number: FS200425

sunflower flour partially deoiled

sunsol flour

Product numbers: FS100525; FS200625 (organic)

Golden Linseed Flour partially deoiled


Product number: FS200020

Sesame seed flour deoiled organic

Sessol Flour organic

Product number: FS200225

Hemp flour
partially deoiled

Hempsol flour organic

Product number: FS200125

pumpkin seed flour partially deoiled

Pumpsol flour

Product numbers: FS100425; FS200725 (organic)

peanut flour partially deoiled

Nutsol flour

Product numbers: FS100720; FS200325 (organic)

almond flour partially deoiled

Almsol Flour

Product number: FS100025