Wheat germs

The richest part of wheat

Our wheat germs

The richest part of wheat

The wheat germ, often called the "prodigal son", is separated from the endosperm in the mill and can only be kept for a few days.

We use this high-quality raw material to extract the golden wheat germ oil in a gentle process and to stabilize the wheat germ flours and granules. Our Foodsolute® GERMSOL products are created in this gentle production process (maintaining its clean label status). These are particularly characterized by their mild nutty taste, high content of unsaturated fatty acids and proteins, and preservation of dietary fibers, minerals and essential vitamins. Our sustainable process allows us to give back the "prodigal son" of food production.

GERMSOL products are versatile, they are particularly suitable for use in bakery products, cereals, chocolate confectionery and sports nutrition. In addition to conventional GERMSOL flours, granules and oil, we also offer these products in organic quality.

Wheat germ flours


GermSol Gold Flour

wheat germ grains


Germsol Gold Grains



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